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Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography-Colie James Photography : Review

Did you see the video I shared on Facebook of my family photography session in Boulder, Colorado with the amazing Colie James Photography? If not, you must watch it - Waddell Family session with Colie James Photography.

Wasn’t it just adorable?! Now you know why I jumped at the opportunity to participate in an online workshop instructed by her. I love her work and wanted to learn from someone who inspires me.

I’m was transitioning from portrait to lifestyle photography and Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography by Colie James seemed perfect for me!

The workshop was five weeks long. We started with some basics of camera settings, shooting indoors, composition, and the differences between lifestyle and storytelling photography. Colie shared her journey and even some of her images gone wrong so that we can see even she doesn’t get the perfect shot every time. In Week 2, we learned more about how to tell the story and elements that should be included in our images. In Week 3, we actually prepared for and shot a client’s storytelling session. In Week 4, we discussed workflow and edited our client’s session. Colie even provided videos of her actually editing some of our images. In Week 5, we learned all about putting the story out there for the world to see. Week 5 was probably most beneficial to me, considering I hadn’t even started a Blog! Colie pushed me to get that (and many other things) checked off my To Do List. I had been putting it off for so long.

Each week we were given a couple small assignments in which we applied what we learned in Colie’s lesson. We then received a PDF with detailed feedback from Colie. She explained to us things we were doing correctly and things we could do to improve our images. She encouraged us to try again with the suggestions she made and was happy to give more feedback on our second try.

Each week’s lessons, along with the group’s discussions and Colie’s feedback, proved to be valuable and enlightening. Colie was very open and went the extra mile to help us in any way should could. She completely exceeded my expectations! The workshop was well worth the money and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about shooting everyday moments of their own families or their clients’. With Colie’s help, I feel like I am ready to shoot lifestyle exclusively, which is truly my happy place.:-)

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